Nord Berliner newspaper(2012.5.17)

Religion and faith have always been the themes of controversy and the causes of heated discussions that create disharmony even to this day. We do not know by whose name the Crusades waged war, but it has not yet ended. Nonetheless, the number of congregation members in large churches of the West is decreasing. Contrary to these events, one religious organization introduced itself by hosting a seminar last Saturday evening at the Ernst Reuter. A reporter from North Berlin had the opportunity for an exclusive interview with the spiritual leader of this organization, Pastor Man Hee Lee. This is the content regarding the religious organization called Shinchonji.

We often used to the word “cult” to label other religious organizations. The word “cult“ is originally a neutral term referring to sects that cause controversy due to differences in philosophical, religious, or political teachings and customs. This concept is used in particular to label religious organizations that have been separated from their own religious parent. This organization, Shinchonji, has been undermined by rumors and hearsay from other churches, branded with a negative image as if it were a danger to previously-established religious organizations, churches and societies. The word “cult“, in modern religious studies and sociology, is not a term used to point out special groups or new religious organizations; it is characterized as a neutral party in addition to being used to describe a “new religious movement.“ When viewed in such context, this place called Shinchonji does not match the title of “cult.”

*Who is Chairman Lee?

Chairman Man Hee Lee of Shinchonji was born in today’s Republic of Korea in 1931, in a poor farming household of the countryside. During that time, not many people believed in the religion of Christianity. In spite of this, he was baptized by a foreign Baptist missionary from Seoul. In 1984, he established “Shinchonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony,“ based on his various personal experiences.

* What does this organization do?

The first thing that caught my eye in Ernst Reuter Hall was how full it was of people, even to the last seat. There were several photojournalists and people of different broadcasting stations bustling about for this big occasion. The event, introduced as the “Open Bible Seminar”, began with a charismatic presider who ignited excitement with praise songs. Then, Chairman Man Hee Lee approached the pulpit, lecturing close to three hours in Korean regarding religious organizations and denominations. The careful preparation of translation equipment accommodated several ongoing translations in multiple languages throughout the night.

[Exclusive Interview]

North Berlin Newspaper Company had an exclusive interview, conducted through simultaneous translations between a Korean broadcast station associate and Mr. Man Hee Lee’s answers in Korean. Here is the summary of the interview that lasted about two hours.

Newspaper: Why is it a new church and what change is there in faith?

Chairman Lee: I testify to the Book of Revelation, to what I have seen and heard in its regard.

Newspaper: What you have seen and heard?

Chairman Lee: Yes, as everyone knows, the Book of Revelation is a revelation given in vision, and is recorded with many parables. Today, we are finally able to fully understand Revelation. I testify to what I have seen, heard, and with what I was commanded according to the command in Revelation chapter 10. This testimony is not a prophecy, but the reality of the fulfillment of the prophecies. Only through these words of testimony about the fulfillment of Revelation can people see its reality and know the true God and Jesus, understand all the events and the meaning of Revelation and receive salvation.

Newspaper: For me, as well?

Chairman Lee: One must eat the food at the proper time to receive salvation.

Newspaper: What purpose do you have for Germany?

Chairman Lee: My purpose is for all the believers who believe in the New Testament of the Bible to know through this lecture that the prophecies have been fulfilled. The seed of the gospel of the heavens came from Europe and reached all the way to the ends of the earth in the east, and it has been fulfilled there as promised.

Newspaper: What events will take place when the Book of Revelation is fulfilled?

Chairman Lee: Revelation, which is a book of God, has opened and has been fulfilled. Come and confirm this for yourself! And if it is true, it means heaven is already here. Then you must repent and believe it. Then you will be reborn and will become the people of God.

Newspaper: What should I confirm?

Chairman Lee: Look around you. Wherever you look there are violence, terror, misfortune, and crises. In Revelation it says, “I saw seven angels who stand before God, and to them were given seven trumpets… Revelation is fulfilled when the seventh angel sounds his trumpet.“

Newspaper: Then what trumpet number are we in?

Chairman Lee: This is the seventh trumpet.

Newspaper: Teacher Lee, what do you personally desire?

Chairman Lee: Receive the Revealed Word and be thankful to God. The end of religion is the time of the harvest. The “war“ that takes place at the end of age is a spiritual war, fought with religious authorities. Only the One Who Overcomes has the food for eternal life and the authority to judge. Only the One who Overcomes can rule over all nations.

Newspaper: Teacher Lee, thank you for the conversation you shared and for the Revealed Word.

- Reporter: Professor Dirk Laudahn -

Mr. Man Hee Lee is the leader and the founder of approximately 300 seminary schools throughout the world. About 85,000 students have graduated since the establishment of the seminary schools which are free to attend. These seminary schools instruct with the Bible as the standard. To further elaborate, they teach the unraveling of the Book of Revelation. Revelation is the last book of the Bible and is also referred to as the Mystery of Revelation, the Book of Vision of John, and the Book of Vision. This book is a book of comfort for the holy churches. There are 22 chapters in Revelation, all of which are recordings of the content of revelation Apostle John received on the Island of Patmos.

Currently, there is a Shinchonji church in Berlin with approximately 50 congregation members, managed with the offerings from their members. 10,000 people in Korea received this seminar through the Internet and television.